¿Es eficiente la protección anti-radiación otorgada por gorros de pabellón de tungsteno-bismuto en cardiología intervencionista?

Background: The effectiveness against radiation of tungsten bismuth caps, used in interventional cardiology is not well known. Aim: To determine the degree of radiation protection conferred by these caps in real work conditions. Material and Methods: We compared the gross electric charges received at brain lobe levels by three occupationally exposed professionals who participated in 22 consecutive procedures, inside and outside of the tungsten bismuth cap. Results: The median electric charges outside and inside the cap were 3.71 (range 1.46-5.62) and 2.2 (range 1.29-3.93) nC, which correspond to a 40% radiation attenuation. However, the protection was heterogeneous. Conclusions: Tungsten bismuth caps provide an adequate attenuation, but its degree is heterogeneous.
Endovascular Procedures, Occupational Exposure, Occupational Health, Radiation Protection