Attitude scale about professional ethics. A study of higher education teachers in Chile

The objective of this research was to report the results of the application of the Attitude Scale about Professional Ethics, proposed by Hirsch, to a sample of higher education teachers in Chile and, based on this report, to perform an exploratory factor analysis to empirically verify the theoretical competencies that are part of this questionnaire. The research results showed that the scale presented high reliability, with a Cronbach's alpha value equal to 0.87. However, the exploratory factor analysis showed that the sample did not recognize the four theoretical competencies of the instrument. When analyzing each dimension separately, by means of factor analysis and reduction to one factor, the questions of the scale with the highest charges were identified. Among the research conclusions, it is suggested for future work to plan an experimental situation to adapt the scale from the theoretical construction, supported by an exploratory factor analysis.
Attitude scale, Exploratory factor analysis, Higher education teachers, Professional Ethics, Theory of reasoned action