Efecto de la asignatura de educación física en la percepción de los estudiantes frente al desarrollo de competencias genéricas

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The development of skills throughout the systematic practice of Physical Education (PE) has become a challenge. This is the reason why the focus of this reasearch is to know the effects of Physical Education on the students’ perception regarding the development of generic competences, applying the Questionnaire of Generic Physical Education Competences USM to 961 first year students from differents USM careers in 2017. The questionaire was designed to measure the variable exhaustively, considering four generic competences: teamwork, recreation, kinesthetic intelligence and ethics. These skills are part of the PE course outlines. The results showed that, in the case of the kinesthetic intelligence and ethics generic competences, the p-value was p<0,000. For the teamwork and recreation generic competences, the value was p <0.002.The Questionnaire holds a 95% of confidence and shows significant differences, since the significant p-value is p<0,05 and the obtained value was p<0,000. Therefore, it is concluded that students recognize that PE allow the development of generic skills throughout the systematic practice of physical activity, confirming that physical activity favors the development of generic competences and therefore, and contributes to the integral formation of the student.
Physical education, Generic skills, Team work, Ehics, Kinesthetic intelligence, Integral formation