Adaptation to Chilean Spanish of Dynamic Loewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment (DLOTCA)

Objective To adapt the tenth version in English of the Dynamic Loewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment to Chilean Spanish. Method The DLOTCA application manual was adapted into Spanish. The process followed the general guidelines for the translation and adaptation of instruments of the World Health Organization (WHO), with direct translation, a panel discussion of experts, back translation, pre-tests, and cognitive interviews with users. Results A direct translation into Spanish was obtained by two bilingual occupational therapists that were subjected to adjustments by a panel of experts composed of 6 occupational therapists, of the total of 28 sub-tests, the expert committee had no discrepancy in 20 of them, of which 8 remaining modifications were made. A back translation of the version obtained is carried out, where there were only discrepancies with one term, which was resolved by the research team. Finally, a pre-test was applied to 13 adults with brain damage, the adjustments in this stage were spelling and substitution of some terms for words more commonly used in the Chilean language, verifying the consistency in the understanding of the items independently of the results obtained. Three versions were produced before the final version, all stages were developed in a systematic way, achieving an understandable and consistent translation with the Chilean population. Conclusions A version in Chilean Spanish of the DLOTCA instrument has finally been made available to the scientific community.
Diagnostic Test Approval, Translating, Occupational Therapy, Cognition