Professional Esports Players are not Obese: Analysis of Body Composition Based on Years of Experience

Esports are considered a form of electronic sports that have become an important element of popular culture. Its evolution and continuous development have led to consider esports as a profession, increasing the number of players, practice modalities and hours of play dedicated to this field. Therefore, scientific and economic contributions have increased in recent years, however, there is little research on body composition in this group of players. To describe the anthropometric characteristics and body composition in professional esports players according to the years of experience. The sample consisted of 53 esports players competing in the Spanish professional league, with a mean age of 21.01 ± 0.39 years, whose body composition was measured by electrical bioimpedance with the TANITA® BC-601F Segment device. No differences were found between groups nor significant associations according to linear regression (p<0.05) between body composition variables and years of experience as a professional player. The years of practice, as well as the esports practiced have no influence on the body composition of professional esports players.
Electronic Sports, Body composition, E-athletes