Diagnosis of Digital Teaching Competence: Universidad Viña del Mar

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This article aims to diagnose the level of digital teaching competence of the professors of Universidad Viña de Mar, who develop teaching in various faculties of the institution. The data obtained were collected through a heading to assess the digital competence of university teachers adapted to the Latin American context, an instrument composed of four dimensions, and four indicators on levels of development. Overall results show that teachers with less work experience according to their age show greater mastery of expert and transformative levels. On the other hand, those teachers with more experience in teaching self-evaluate at the middle level and even beginner with respect to the dimensions. Considering that the instrument allows to measure the self-perception of digital competence, it can be concluded that university teachers recognize their lacks in relational, ethical and security dimensions and in personal and professional dimensions, in which the scores are below average. It is also necessary to develop training programs to strengthen digital teaching competences, currently indispensable for university teaching.
Digital teaching skills, Evaluation, University teaching, Educational technology