Applying PHP Codeigniter For Easy Web Development

Within the framework of the current advances in web technology, the main objective of the work is to describe the practical advantages of the PHP CodeIgniter 3.0 web development tool to provide a particular solution: MSRS v1.0 Manager Selection and Recruitment System, based on the requirements and structural design of MSRS and then present details of its implementation and operation. Thus, MSRS v1.0 is a web system that supports personnel selection processes in competitions under a specific professional profile, according to the definition of skills necessary for the position. Once the competencies and the level of the required domain have been defined, the items of questions to be evaluated are prepared under various reagent formats, whose responses reach a score that discriminates between the levels of the domain of the applicants, obtaining the most suitable candidate for the charge. The use of PHP CodeIgniter 3.0 stands out since, given a correct analysis of requirements and its logical database model, it allows the rapid development of web applications.
PHP, PHP CodeIgniter, Web Development, MSRS