Big Data Education At The Chilean Academy: Is This Possible?

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Technology evolves, and the human being presents a growing need for the use and generation of large volumes of information and data (Big Data). Working with Big Data with traditional computer systems is not feasible: Including new knowledge and technology of Big Data for inclusion in professional computer and computer education is necessary. The main objective of this work is to answer whether or not the Chilean academy is prepared to train specialists in Big Data. In addition to describing theoretical and practical components of Big Data along with introducing an essential tool of the subject, this work defines and presents the results of a survey to explore and analyze the reality of the academy in Chile regarding the degree of viability to train and train professionals competent in Big Data. Necessary conditions for developing Big Data competences in the Chilean academy require more adjustments. Specifically, the Chilean academy needs to adopt Big Data topics and solutions for developing those competencies in future professionals.
Big Data, Technology, Large Volumes of Information, Education, Competences, Chilean Academy