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      Aspect-Combining Functions for Modular MapReduce Solutions 

      Vidal-Silva, Cristian; Villarroel, Rodolfo; Rubio, José Miguel; Johnson, Franklin; Madariaga, Érika; Urzúa, Alberto; Carter, Luis; Campos-Valdés, Camilo; López-Cortés, Xaviera A. (2018)
      MapReduce represents a programming framework for modular Big Data computation that uses a function map to identify and target intermediate data in the mapping phase, and a function reduce to summarize the output of the map ...
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      Modulating Crosscutting Concerns By The Decorator Design Pattern Vs. Aspect Oriented Programming In .NET 

      Pereira-Vásquez, Cristian; Vidal-Silva, Cristian; Madariaga, Erika; Jiménez, Claudia; Urzúa, Luis (2020-01)
      This article describes and illustrates how to produce modular .NET software solutions by the use of Decorator design pattern and AspectOriented Programming (AOP) tool PostSharp. We applied both techniques for modularizing ...