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      Characterizing the morphology of the debris disk around the low-mass star GSC 07396-00759 

      Adam, C.; Olofsson, J.; van Holstein, R. G.; Bayo, A.; Milli, J.; Boccaletti, A.; Kral, Q.; Ginski, C.; Henning, Th.; Montesinos, Matías; Pawellek, N.; Zurlo, A.; Langlois, M.; Delboulbé, A.; Pavlov, A.; Ramos, J.; Weber, L.; Wildi, F.; Rigal, F.; Sauvage, J.-F. (2021-07-15)
      Context. Debris disks have commonly been studied around intermediate-mass stars. Their intense radiation fields are believed to e ciently remove the small dust grains that are constantly replenished by collisions. For ...
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      The vertical structure of debris disks and the impact of gas. 

      Olofsson, Johan; Thébault, Philippe; Kral, Quentin; Bayo, Amelia; Boccaletti, Anthony; Godoy, Nicolás; Henning, Thomas; van Holstein, Rob G.; Maucó, Karina; Milli, Julien; Montesinos, Matías; Rein, Hanno; Sefilian, Antranik A. (2022-02-18)
      The vertical structure of debris disks provides clues about their dynamical evolution and the collision rate of the unseen planetesimals. Thanks to the ever-increasing angular resolution of contemporary instruments and ...