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      The p75NTR neurotrophin receptor is required to organize the mature neuromuscular synapse by regulating synaptic vesicle availability 

      Pérez, Viviana; Bermedo-Garcia, Francisca; Zelada, Diego; Court, Felipe A.; Pérez, Miguel Ángel; Fuenzalida, Marco; Ábrigo, Johanna; Cabello-Verrugio, Claudio; Moya-Alvarado, Guillermo; Tapia, Juan Carlos; Valenzuela, Vicente; Hetz, Claudio; Bronfman, Francisca C.; Henríquez, Juan Pablo (2019)
      The coordinated movement of organisms relies on efficient nerve-muscle communication at the neuromuscular junction. After peripheral nerve injury or neurodegeneration, motor neurons and Schwann cells increase the expression ...
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